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Get Featured on The Playground

We are currently developing 3 interview streams.

Passive interview

Have you been featured on the top 100 list in the last 30 days? Or have you been featured in a previous Passive interview, and now have a new album or tour, or exciting news you want to share with the world? send us an email to  with the following criteria:

  • Your name
  • Your handle (performance name)
  • Link to your Audius, and other social media accounts
  • Link or tell us which list you are presently featured in, can be more than one.
  • Which song, album should we listen to regarding this interview

When processed, we will send you out a self-interview kit, with a range of questions, and some criteria. Pick the questions that best work for you and answer between 5 and 10 of them. Highlight tweaks to the question if it can be better worded in your interview. Add 3 to 10 images as attachments, and relevant links.

We will review it, and may send it back, for clarification, grammar etc.  

We are hoping this will be available for March 2023.

It will start free, but we may need to add a processing fee, if it’s too time consuming for us.

Why are we using email, because our social media is already overwhelmed, submissions by social media will be ignored.


Interactive interview

These can be requested, and we will also be reaching out to artist we want to interview.

  1. Depending on schedules this can be a passive interview that we have requested.
  2. An interactive written email where we already have topics and questions, we want to cover with you.
  3. A Video based interview. Because of the international nature, we are presently looking at skype for these, because of its ability to transcribe and translate on the fly. (We haven’t tested it yet.)

These are starting to happen now. (Feb 2023)

You can submit a request to


Segment Special guest

We are talking about doing some live streams while checking out our playlists, or other special segments.

                You can request to do one of these segments, if you have done a self-interview.  Or if you have really really big news you want highlighted.

we are hoping to start these 2nd quarter 2023.


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